5 Style Tips For Men Who Want to Dress Better

5 Style Tips For Men Who Want to Dress Better

If you think you’re not naturally stylish, think again! Dressing well is just like any other skill that can be learned. The more you practice, the more you get better at it. Read on as we reveal five easy ways to develop your personal style.

Focus On Classics

To begin with, create a list of 3 or more guys whose style you think you can pull it off. Avoid jumping right into trends. Instead, buy classic styles first. Trends eventually die down. Classic styles remain timeless. So, try changing your shopping habits by opting for more classic pieces, such as solid color tees, a pair of blue jeans, a pair of white sneakers, etc. Make sure you buy clothes that fit properly. Wearing the right fit can solve 90% of your style problems.

Avoid Graphics, Logos, And Wild Prints

Wearing graphic or logo t-shirts makes you look like you’re either in college or on your way to an MMA fight. Solid colors and graphic/logo-less clothes make you look mature and refined. All you need to do is swap your graphic tees and wild print clothing with solid versions.

Stick To Solid Neutral Colors

Neutral colors aren’t overpowering and can easily mix with powerful colors like orange and neon green. If your wardrobe is full of neutral colors, you don’t need to stress about mixing and matching your outfit. So, ensure your wardrobe is based around colors that are grey, brown, olive, navy, khaki, black and white.

Use “The Swap Trick”

“The Swap Trick” is a way of introducing something new into your wardrobe. This trick works well if you wish to try something new with your style. It can be any new trendy piece or a new color that you would like to try. The key is to swap your style gradually. Don’t simply jump from wearing a black leather jacket to a neon green one. In this case, your next move should be to move to a brown leather jacket. Similarly, if you’re comfortable wearing white shirts, switch to a different color and gradually move towards trying new and bold prints.

Have Fun!

Don’t turn the excitement of trying new outfits into a tedious chore. Enjoy the process, because if you aren’t having fun with dressing better, it won’t last too long.