Air Purifiers That Offer Relief From Asthma

Air Purifiers That Offer Relief From Asthma

What you need to be looking for the next time you think of buying an air purifier for your home.

Though there is no cure for asthma, home air purifiers could help you find long-term relief from the symptoms. Air purifiers that use True HEPA filters remove the tiniest of airborne particles that usually trigger asthma. Using air purifiers indoors reduces these symptoms and lung irritation and makes breathing easier.

While air purifiers come in various shapes and sizes, they filter the air using electrical charge (ionization) or through mechanical HEPA filters.

What You Should Avoid

Stay away from ionizing filters if you have symptoms of asthma. These filters use electricity to send out negatively charged ions into the air. Such ions neutralize airborne particles and cause them to deposit on surfaces around the room. Research indicates that these ions may induce asthma attacks and make symptoms worse. Ozone, a by-product of some ionizing filters, can aggravate breathing difficulties.

What You Need

For relief from asthma, an air filter should use a HEPA filter. These filters are made up of dense layers of paper and can filter out particles that cause lung irritation. Such filtered particulate matter is collected within the filter body and does not recirculate into the room, keeping the air clean.

The True HEPA filter is most beneficial to asthmatics. These filters are certified to filter out 99.97% of particles in the air down to 0.3 microns in size. To get the most of an air filter is essential to check certification and ratings on the device to ensure that it is a True HEPA filter.

What Size Asthma Air Purifier Should You Get?

Clean air is crucial to keeping your asthma symptoms in check, and hence the size matters. Choose an air filter that suits your needs. Research and compare the HEPA filters available to ensure that the one you select is capable of purifying the room. A filter that is rated to clean more space than you have is always a good bet.

Knowing what to look for and what to avoid helps you to make an informed decision while buying the best air purifier that allows you to breathe easier.