Five Best Ways First-Time Homeowners Can Up Their Home Value

Five Best Ways First-Time Homeowners Can Up Their Home Value

Homeowners (particularly first-timers) are usually very excited about transforming their new house into a home. Making certain improvements can certainly increase the resale value of a home. Here are the five best ways first-time homeowners can increase their home’s value.

Improve the House’s Lighting

Outdated light fixtures bring down the freshness and appeal of a house. New homeowners can swap interior recessed lighting trim and bulbs with LED retrofit kits. It is also suggested that the same light color be used in every room to maintain uniformity.

Enhance the Curb’s Appeal

The appeal of the curb plays a crucial role in determining a house’s value. This is a case of “judging a book by its cover”. To make sure you get your curb appeal spot on, having the right garage door is important. As per a research study, a new garage door gets a 98.3% return on investment. Get a new garage door or upgrade the existing one. Shutters also help in renewing the front of a home. You could also consider landscaping, installing new accent lighting, and replacing/painting the front door.

Upgrade the Thermal Envelope

Improving the thermal envelope of your house can reduce your energy consumption, and every little change goes a long way in doing so. You could add insulation and a proper ventilation system to the attic, replace windows, and seal penetrations around exterior walls (such as those surrounding pipes).

Choose the Right Colors of Paint

Utilizing the right paint colors in your house can be extremely beneficial. Certain colors, if used in the right place, can increase the value of your home. Additionally, before painting, ensure you prepare your surfaces properly.

Upgrade the Kitchen or Bathroom

An old-looking kitchen or bathroom can be an instant turn-off for some homebuyers. Making upgrades to the kitchen or bathroom can immensely help in upping the house’s value. A research study found that granite countertops and stainless steel appliances make for best-selling kitchen features.

If you are on a slightly tighter budget, you could consider taking on smaller kitchen or bathroom improvement projects like tiling the backsplash, installing new plumbing fixtures, upgrading the lighting, and/or replacing the towel bars and mirrors in the bathroom.

These are some sure-fire ways of increasing the appeal and value of your new home.