How to Choose an Internet Service Provider

How to Choose an Internet Service Provider

Before you start looking out for a good Internet Service Provider, you need to know the three kinds of internet services available. A Digital Subscriber Line or DSL uses a telephone line to connect you to the internet. Cable internet uses a cable to deliver an internet connection to multiple households or locations in the same neighborhood. Satellite internet is a good option for far flung areas and delivers an internet connection via a satellite service. The internet service available to you largely depends on where you live. Here are the Do’s and Don’ts for choosing an internet service provider


Look for customer feedback: Give your business to a provider that has a good reputation and is known for quality delivery and customer service. Ask your community for recommendations or go through feedback surveys on Consumer Reports and JD Power. The goal is to get a provider who can give you a good deal and also troubleshoot any technical issues as soon as possible. 

Ask about hidden costs: Hidden costs include charging you a monthly equipment rental for a modem or router along with your connection. Make sure  that your service provider is completely transparent about all costs involved in getting a connection. 

Consider Bundling services: Bundle your phone service, cable service, or satellite service together to get a good deal. Many service providers encourage this and might cut you a discount on a phone or tv connection. 

Comparison Shop: Find out your cost per MBPS by adding all costs (including equipment rentals and hidden costs) and dividing this number by the speed advertised. Do this for multiple service providers so that you get the best deal available. 


Monthly caps on how much data you use: This should be a universal rule even if you don’t think you use a lot of data. Data usage depends on a lot of variables and you don’t want to risk your speed by a monthly cap. 

Buying add-ons like antivirus software and firewalls directly from the internet service provider: Reputed spyware is easily available online and can be downloaded for free. Microsoft Security Essentials or Avast Free Antivirus both have good reputations and will provide basic protection.