When Is It Time to Replace Your Tires?

When Is It Time to Replace Your Tires?

Your tires look fine. But then again, they’ve been on your car for as long as you can remember. So is it time to change them? Or will you be spending money just because you’re getting paranoid? Unless there’s a puncture or a blowout, you may not be able to tell when the time is right to change the tires on your car. But there are ways to tell with the tread depth and the manufacturing date.

When the tire tread gets worn out, you will experience lower levels of traction while you brake. You’ll also see that when you drive in the rain, ice, or snow, the tires don’t grip too well. Also, in case the tires are over six years old, they need to be replaced even if there’s enough tread left on them. This is because the rubber dries and cracks over time, and that could lead to tire failure.

You’ll need some special equipment to test your tires. To check the tread depth, you’ll need to use a penny. And for the age test, you’ll need your eyes & gloves to keep your hands clean. You’ll also need to kneel next to your car, so ensure that you’re doing this in a safe place with plenty of light.

Tread Test

This one is very simple. Get a penny and insert it Lincoln headfirst into the tire tread. If the top of his head and the tread is even, the tires are not safe to be driven on anymore. You need to replace the tires immediately. In case you can’t find a penny, but have a quarter, insert Washington headfirst into the tire tread. If the top of his head is even with the tread, the tires are safe, but it’s time to look for new ones.

Age Test

This one is even easier. Check the sidewall of the tire for a four-digit code. The first two numbers stand for the week, and the last two are the year. So if it says 0317, the tires were manufactured in the third week of 2017. If they’re over six years old, get a new set.

Plan properly, and you could find a set that’s safe, comfortable and could save you some money.