Why Are Medical Alert Systems with Fall Detection Important?

Why Are Medical Alert Systems with Fall Detection Important?

For senior citizens, there is nothing more important than a medical alert system that sends a notification to their family members, in case of an emergency. While most of these systems come with great features, one needs to keep in mind the significance of fall detection! This feature helps to protect yourself, if you suffer from a fall, and that’s something very common amongst senior citizens.

As the name suggests, fall detection is a feature that is able to detect that you’ve had a fall. If that happens, it notifies someone, usually an agent at a phone bank, so that they can reach out to you in the shortest possible time and provide you with help.

Medical Alert Systems with Fall Detection

This facility is available in a lot of systems; you just have to do your research.

Philips Lifeline

This is one of the top medical alert systems that includes the fall detection feature. Of course, it has much more than that, and gives you great service as well. It comes with a HomeSafe system, wherein you receive a base unit as well as a pendant to use the base. You will receive basic service, which means the call center monitoring your device is available at all times.

That’s not all – you will also get a landline device that connects through your current phone line.

Medical Guardian

This device has been around for 12 years, and offers an array of features. Tens of thousands of clients avail its service, and that includes fall detection too. This one will not provide you with an in-house call center, but you will still get a dedicated one that they have hired out of the company. The service is quite good.

It comes with a base and pendant, both are UL certified. There’s also a key box and a backup system that’s built-in, in case you lose power.

Bay Alarm Medical

This is the company that’s most trusted, especially since it has been around the longest, with over 70 years of experience in this field. This device is perfect for citizens who live alone, but are looking for security, in case of a problem.

Bay Alarm Medical offers a contracted call service – it has a dedicated team that makes sure you get high-quality service.

The equipment is UL certified, and you get a base station and pendant as well.