Medicare Wellness Visit – What Is It & How Much Does It Cost ?

Medicare Wellness Visit – What Is It & How Much Does It Cost ?

Healthcare laws have changed drastically in the last few years. But there’s welcome news for senior citizens, especially with the introduction of the Medicare Wellness Visit.

You might not be sure of what it entails or how much it costs. We are here to help you!

It Is Not a Regular Physical Exam

The Medicare Wellness Visit is not your usual physical exam. A physical exam includes the following:

Inspection: Looking at the body to assess health problems

Palpation: Using hands to detect problems in the body

Auscultation: Listening to sounds of the body

Percussion: Tapping parts of the body to listen to sounds that give signs of health issues

Unlike this, the Medicare Wellness visit is completed without the patient removing their clothes. The idea is to help you stay on top of your health, and discuss your medical history, while planning for the future.

During the Medicare Wellness Visit, the physician will review your medical history, assess your risk factors, review the list of healthcare providers, go through your medications, develop a schedule for health screening.

Besides, your physician may also discuss how well you’re doing your daily tasks like bathing, shopping, walking. That’s not all – apart from physical risks, he/she might also assess for mental health issues like depression.

Initial Medicare Wellness Visit vs Annual Wellness Visit

Once you enroll, the first visit is more of an introductory one, “Welcome to Medicare Visit.” After this visit, you are eligible for an annual well visit, once every 12 months. Both these visits are covered fully by Medicare.

If you’re billed for a Medicare exam, it may be if you’ve asked for a traditional physical exam. Make sure you clearly convey what you’re looking for.

Medicare Wellness Visits are all about ensuring that seniors lead a healthy life. The idea is to help them with prevention and holistic wellness.