Vacation Ideas for Seniors with Limited Mobility

Vacation Ideas for Seniors with Limited Mobility

You may have parents who are senior citizens, and while they may express a desire to travel, you are apprehensive about them going on a vacation, due to their limited mobility. Today, there are over 18 million people struggling with limited mobility in the United States and Canada. For them, even the smallest of tasks like running errands is difficult, which is why you may be rightly worried if they want to take off on a vacation!

The good news is,  there are several vacation ideas that are ideal for seniors with limited mobility. Not only are they safe, they will also give your aging parents a window to mingle with others and combat loneliness.

Here are the top 5 ideal vacations  for seniors

Las Vegas

Do your parents love to try their luck at casinos or enjoy watching larger than life shows? If yes, Las Vegas is perfect! They don’t even have to leave the hotel – each of them have casinos, restaurants, shops, theaters. Plus, these hotels are spacious and wheelchair-friendly, so it’s easy to move around.

A Cruise

Experiencing a cruise is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, whether they want to explore Alaska, the Caribbean, Greece or Italy. There are multiple activities on offer on these cruises. They can sit by the pool, shop, watch movies, get a massage, play cards or even cook! Some cruises also offer excursions.

Miami Beach

If your parents love the crashing sound of waves and the glittering sand, then you must take them to  Miami beach! The city is a great vacation spot for those with limited mobility. In fact, Haulover Beach offers free reclining chairs that can go into the water up to 6 inches deep! Whether they want to relax on the beach, go shopping or visit a museum – there’s so much and more to do in Miami.

San Diego

If you’re looking for good weather, there’s nothing better than Southern California! Gaslamp Quarter is a historic area that offers an array of concerts, festivals and events – plus it’s wheelchair-accessible.

Are your parents nature lovers? Then, make sure to visit the Jas Arnold Trail – this is a flat hiking trail that cuts through the Black Mountain Ranch Open Space Park. What’s more, it is wheelchair, and disabled-friendly.