Pamper Your Skin Before Summer With These 5 Tips

Pamper Your Skin Before Summer With These 5 Tips

Summer always brings with it a certain excitement, with the thought of halter tops, swimsuits, tank tops, off-shoulders and all that’s skimpy. But you need to be ready for the season. There’s no better way to get your body ‘summer ready’ than with these 5 quick beauty treatments that will make your days sunnier.

Looking for a head-to-toe guide for getting summer-ready?

Soften Your Soles

Do a little prep before your first major pedicure of the season. Use an at-home foot peel called Baby Foot which are disposable booties that are strapped on to your feet. They are filled with natural extracts that soak in. Over the course of the week, the top layer of dead skin is shed and you will be more than ready to welcome sandal season.

Buff Your Hands

It’s not only your feet that bear the brunt of the winter but your cuticles as well. A simple homemade scrub with sugar and honey will do the trick. You get to go to show off those pretty painted nails.

Smooth The Backs Of Your Arms

This is a tip with a difference. Rub some sour cream, that has lactic acid, on the backs of your arms to get rid of those little unwanted bumps that stand between you and your off-shoulders, tank tops and halters.

Give Your Face A Break

How about giving your skin a breather? It’s what’s called a skin fast. All you have to do is skip all your beauty products for a week, be it creams, cleansers or makeup, and wash your face with only coconut oil. After a week your skin will regulate itself back to a more normal and natural state and you can switch back once again to your normal regime of skincare with a healthier and better glow.

Get some Color

Everyone knows that tanning is not the best idea. You must know that you should only be doing it the right way. Never slather on self-tanning lotion without first exfoliating to remove dead skin and eliminate the possibility of steaks. Lay on the color needed and blend well.