Work in Style with These Home Office Ideas

Work in Style with These Home Office Ideas

Everyone needs their own personal space that inspires them to think clearer and work harder. Even if you don’t have a designated room and just have a corner tiny enough to fit a desk, there’s office inspiration for everyone.

Hang a Shelf

Add a sleek wooden shelf at eye level. Use it as a storage spot for gadgets or display gadgets.

Transform a Closet

Remove the doors of an unused closet and turn it into a handy, cozy office space. Add a few decorative touches, wallpaper, and some tasteful lighting fixtures.

Add Some Green

Give your office a new life with a green touch. Choose air-purifying varieties like spider and snake plants, and reap the benefits.

Organize Away

Keep clutter at bay with wire baskets and organizers in plain sight. Add another color to the mix and use paint to customize.

Go Plaid

Cover a wall with plaid fabric and customize your space. Add thin cork squares behind the fabric to create a pinboard to add photos, notes and more to your workspace.

Explore Metallic Accents

Modernize your space by adding an assortment of gold, rose gold and silver accent pieces like lamps, plant misters and trash bins.

Go Minimalist

Pair a minimalist desk with a contrasting antique chair, mixing warm and cool tones. Decorate the space with paintings, baskets, and accessories of the same color mood.

A Cork Wall

Cover an entire wall in cork square panels for maximum functionality. Pin calendars, to-do-lists and your favorite photos to personalize the space.

A Pop of Color

Keep your space light, minimalistic and airy with a Scandinavian flair. Add an accent piece to make a statement.

A Gallery Wall

Surround yourself with inspiring art and prints with mismatched frames to create a part-office, part-gallery.

DIY Your Desk

Build a butcher desk that gives you enough space to write, craft and work by stretching across the entire wall.

An Unconventional Desk

Place a console table against a blank wall for a makeshift office. Add some inspiration with a framed, hung bulletin board above the workstation.

Coordinate Curtains and Rugs

If you choose a neutral wall, add some color into your space with an accent rug and coordinating drapery. Dress up the room with decorative accents.